About Me

Oliver Doe, b.1994, London, UK. Currently lives and works in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.

I am an artist-curator and writer whose work largely considers issues around sexuality, gender, visibility and intimacy.

My practice operates in between modes of working, from painting, sculpture, performance, text, and the altered object, in order to examine visibility, represent a trace of the body and generate a sense of absence. Exploring the ways queerness is visualised through differing levels of abstraction, and particularly minimalism, my aim is to investigate intimacy, sexuality, and gender from both personal standpoints and from within cultures and communities.

My work is held in several private collections across the UK, Europe and USA, and I have exhibited internationally.

I always have original works and publications available for sale.
Publications and a selection of drawings and watercolours are available via my online shop.
For paintings and other works, please contact me directly for information and prices at oliversdoe@gmail.com